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Merchant Navy Pre Sea Deck Cadet Course. Admissions Open. .

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Aspirants for Career In Merchant Navy can look forward to a bright future. Handsome salary, promotion opportunities and adventurous voyages certainly fascinate a lot of youngsters. But temptations may be deceptive. So, if you have high ambitions and want to Join Merchant Navy, it is advisable to pursue Deck Cadet Course from reputed institutions such as Siroi Maritime Academy of Merchant Navy (SMAMN).

We ensure that all our students get placed as Direct Entry Deck Cadet or Crew on Foreign flagships. We maintain a placement cell that has a wide global network thus enabling placements in esteemed Shipping Companies. A number of reputed shipping companions (Indian & Foreign) collaborate with SMAMN for recruitment. Remember, there is no dearth of Merchant Navy Jobs; what is required is a reliable institute that can show you the right way.

If talk about placement you are in a dilemma and under doubts always for various placement agents active on internet. We ensure placement not verbally on your phone only. We provide an opportunity to candidates who are searching job holding their certificates in hand. We provide you opportunity to fix a meeting with us for your placement. Then only we ensure you about our guaranteed placement to each and every student enrolling for this particular Deck Cadet course, or seeking for placement only. On successful completion of this course the candidate will be able to join as a Direct Entry Deck Cadet or Crew on Foreign flagships. With a stipulated sailing & qualification requirements, they can be promoted to the officer’s level. Our placement cell is working for five years. It highly networked in global level for placement in esteemed Shipping Companies. Many shipping companion (Indian & Foreign) are tie up with SMAMN for recruitment.

The placement for cadets passing out the Institute is fully assured. Cadets passed out from the institute are employed with various Foreign Shipping companies. If you are hard worker and willing to learn there are much chances for advancements in career for you also.

The work on Ships is pretty demanding, include hard work in all kinds of weather conditions and sometimes in dangerous situations. You will be miles away from home for a long periods, maybe you won't be even in sight of land. You need to be in good physical conditions. Before employment you will be required to pass thorough physical and health examination and drug testing.

To sum up, SMAMN has widely placed more than hundred seamen's & cadets in foreign going ships and they are sailing around the world with handsome salary. Over the years, not only our students, but the students from other Academies also believed us and placed in foreign going ships very successfully. If you are the one who believe, you can make a request to us through mail for our latest record of placement.

Some of Our Placement :

Yashwant Singh : Kish Sea Pioneers Shipping Company, Iran

Bilesh : Tipco SeaShipping Co. Ltd, Bankok

Govind Joshi: Elreedy Shipping Company, Damietta -Egypt

Rupesh: Muhieddine Shipping Agency- Syria

Kish Sea Pioneers Shipping Company- Iran

Sumit Manbansh- Oasis Maritime Shipping, Ajman, U.A.E.

Harminder Singh- Bosmar Shipping Ltd, Turkey

Amit Kumar Chauhan -Faros Shipping Company S.A.R.T.

Salary Package

CAPTAIN 6,200 - 9,000 US$
CHIEF OFFIER 4,800 - 7,000 US$
US$ US$ 2ND OFFICER 3,000 - 4,500 US$
3RD OFFICER 2,500 - 3,500 US$
DECK CADET 250 - 400 US$